About Us

Our Vision

Geo Expediciones leads in organizing educational trips in Costa Rica because we support sustainable tourism by working with local communities and organizations that follows our same objectives

Our Mission

Geo Expediciones leads custom made educational trips in Costa Rica to Foreign Universities student groups giving an excellent personalized service and promoting Nature Conservation supporting local communities and organizations that are in the same line.

“Education and awareness are key and every little effort counts. Get your community involved, maybe a school garden, visit a community nature park, a recycling program. Think and explore. It will not be easy but you can do it.”

Marco Odio

40+ years

Expertise allows Geo Expediciones to create highly sophisticated itineraries for their clients interests, for example, post graduate course programs.

30+ Universities

Over the years, we have served these universities with a diverse focus of attention, such as tropical ecosystems, environmental science, and saving nature

10k Clients

A very high percentage of our clients went back home astonished with the trip provided. We offered an experience that s urpassed their expectation

100+ Destinations

We define destination as a place of interest, such as national parks, protected areas, archeological and geographically attractive places


Aurora Gamez



Marco Odio


Reviews & Feedback

Dr. Hays Cummins & Dr. Donna McCollum

GeoExpediciones has been a wonderful partner for us for over three decades. We have taught multiple classes in Costa Rica – over 700 undergraduate and graduate students have traveled with us to this magical country – all with the expert guidance of Aurora Gamez and Marco Odio, owners and operators of GeoExpediciones. Tell GeoExpediciones where you want to go, what you want to accomplish, and they will make it happen. This frees us up to do what we do best-teach our students.

Aurora is a master at listening to our goals and needs and then making them happen. She is knowledgeable, professional and extremely competent. She has not been afraid to try new activities or locations and always pays attention to the details that make a trip run smoothly. She handles anything unexpected that happens during the trips – lost passports, lost wallets, to name a few – with patience, humor and competence.

Dr Marco Odio, GeoEx co-founder, is usually all the students’ favorite person! He accompanies us in the field acting as an on-location doctor, manager, naturalist and cultural attache. Marco has a great sense of humor and treats everyone with respect and kindness. He is a great listener, an excellent problem solver and lots of fun.

Marco’s reservoir of knowledge is outstanding. Whether it is where to look for a particular bird, or what snacks to try from the local store, or Costa Rican politics, education, or its many fantastic ecosystems, Marco seems to know it all.

We can’t imagine doing what we do in Costa Rica without Geo Expediciones. We have absolute trust that Geo Expediociones will provide the safest and most remarkable Costa Rica experience possible.

Thanks for a lifetime of friendship and memories! We can’t think of a better way to experience Costa Rica.

For more details, we’re happy to speak with anyone about our adventures in Costa Rica as well as provide more details about GeoExpediciones.

Use this email: topreef@mac.com

  • Dr Hays Cummins, Distinguished Educator and Professor Emeritus, Miami University
  • Dr Donna McCollum, Adjunct, University of Cincinnati